Merli sapere aude subtitles

The classes are about to end and everything have a mixed sensation between happiness and melancholy. Monica and Gerard get closer, so as Gabi and Quima. An old female teacher returns at the Institute. Moreover, Tania and Pol take an important decision about their relationship. The Institute carries on a blood donation campaign. On the other hand, Gerard must take a decision about his future. Moreover, Pol gets a job at a supermarket. Merli dismisses Joan and Gerard because of being stoned at class.

Later, the two of them go out at night and everything goes wrong. Marco and Pol feel uncomfortable after the thefts that took place. At the park, the peripatetics throw a party but it ends in a fight.

Moreover, Marc receives an unexpected visitor. After, Tania, Ivan and Berta witness a street accident. The course resumes its activity after Christmas. In the meantime, Pol efforts to take his family out of its economic crisis. Did you know that social networks traffic allows us to keep going with our websites?

merli sapere aude subtitles

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Thanks a lot!Episode 1. Episode 2. Episode 3. Episode 4.

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Episode 5. Episode 6. Episode 7. Episode 8. OMG, I am so excited that one of my favourite shows is basically being continued. There are so many possibilities and storylines that the show can portray. One thing that worries me is that I am going to want to watch it but no one is going to put English subtitles somewhere as I do not understand the original language. I really hope that I will be able to watch the show. I tried the website seriespapaya but it only gave me an error message after I waited for about 3 hours and even then it only had the first two episodes.

I hope you enjoyed it!! The original video file with subtitles on its own is 30gbs which is too large of a file to upload on most websites so I had to download it at 4gbs at which was still too big and ended up needing to compress the file which lowered the quality.

El personaje de Pol Rubio Carlos Cuevas vuelve a las aulas e inicia sus estudios en la facultad de…. View On WordPress. Oi Lovely!! La idea de la productora es centrarse en aspectos diferentes a la serie original, optando por prescindir del reparto original para centrarse en el personaje de Pol, interpretado por Carlos Cuevas.

Log in Sign up. Is this Bruno? It looks like the same jacket. We have a new brunol scene and is a hug :. Is anyone planning on subbing merli sapere aude with English subs? The trailer is here!!! I think most people watched the original via that Dailymotion that subtitled in English over the original Catalan, so I think that's what people would prefer even if it meant waiting a bit longer?

Maybe I'm only speaking for myself. HOLA lovely!!

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Hii lovely!! Do we know how many seasons they want to have with the spin off?

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I mean Merli had three I think.And even in season one Bruno had limited screen time, even his "coming out" was not a huge deal. He even takes the class outside of school. Walter Benjamin. Page 3 in December honoring our fallen veterans' during the holiday season. Page 2. Merli Tvshow. Or he was gonna leave and they worked something out.

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New philosophers are featured this season, such as Hipparchia of Maroneia. See more ideas about Figurines, Boy or girl and Porcelain ceramics. Star Trek: Picard - Season 1. They clearly intended, though, to create a situation at the end where Pol is equally torn between male and female, Bruno and Tania. Post Season 5, fix-it of sorts. Argumento Primeira temporada. Shrill - Season 2. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans.

The new series sees our hero continue to fulfill his destiny to protect Prince Arthur, battling assassins, monsters and the most powerful sorcerers Camelot has ever seen. Merlin season 3 episode guide on TV. Click here and start watching the full episode in seconds. But King Uther has banned the practice of sorcery and Merlin must keep his talents secret on pain of death. Sign up for free! Morgana, newly crowned as Queen of Camelot, begins a reign of terrible evil over the innocent citi The thrilling adventure, magic, and fun of Merlin returns, this time with even more romance and action.

And this one is Bruno Bergeron. We have a set of beautiful screensavers that will give your boring screen a little bit of the wow factor.


I haven't heard anything concrete confirming that David's exit is permanent. Sapere aude" que podrem veure a TV3 el You can also click on any episode below to get more information on which Netflix countries it is available in.

Bruno gives Pol Merlí's books - "Merlí: Sapere Aude"

Wreaths Across America. Season 2 An unconventional high school philosophy teacher upsets a few parents and staff, romances others and inspires all his pupils 5. If there is no "download" button, click the torrent name to view torrent source pages and download there. How to clear the browser cache Most of the playback errors occur because you have an out-of-date version of this website.A big party in Rai's house brings some gifts to Minerva and Pol.

The group of the faculty makes a party in Minerva's' home where things are about to get messy. Pol and Rai go to class and this will bring some feuds between his others classmates. Bruno is mad with Pol for being distant. We're watching " Tiger King " on Netflix for sure. Our recommendations also include " Night on Earth ", " Ozark ," and more. See our picks. Sapere Aude —. They couldn't be more wrong Following the lives of students in high school, dealing with drugs, teen pregnancy and their sexuality.

Four sisters celebrate Christmas in their family home at 3 different times in their lives: teen-hood, adulthood and elderly age. The friendship between two middle-aged couples is in jeopardy when one of them dies in a supposed "car accident". Javier is going through a bad patch: he can hardly make it to the end of the month, his business of T-shirts with de-motivational slogans is not quite getting the attention, and his The series follows a teenager named Andrea who moves from Barcelona to a humble neighborhood.

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She will meet a group of young people with whom to forget their worries. January 27, The bodies of a man and two year-old models are found riddled with bullet holes in the house of a nightclub owner. The police find a camera set up in the living room of A group of friends reunited after the suicide of one of them must to face all the secret and lies between them. Seven young roller hockey players and their new coach will fight to save the female section of Club Pati Minerva, while trying to find their place, both inside and outside the team.

After a demonstration of a kitchen robot by five women goes awfully wrong and kills one of them, the other four try to hide the accident out of fear of the consequences of their actions. Pol Rubio starts to study Philosophy at the University of Barcelona while the relationship between Bruno and him begins to strengthen. Pol will meet new friends, new colleagues and new teachers apart from having to face conflicts in his new student stage, his complicated family and his new relationship with Bruno Bergeron in this way until becoming a Philosophy teacher.

Absolutely loved itIf anyone is interested, I found the last three episodes on dailymotion in the original Catalan with English subtitles. Alrighty, I have finally finished the.

Here is the new file. Anonymous left a question. I would really like to know where the episodes from are I saw that you posted the So do you know of any other link last to those episodes i will be posting this as well if anyone wants to share! Thank you for sharing the SRT file and the links to the other subbed episodes x Hii lovely!! Episodes If anyone is interested, I found the last three episodes on dailymotion in the original Catalan with English subtitles.

Tags: submission episodes others. I've been digging all over and cannot find these episodes in English. My Spanish isn't good enough to follow along working on it though. Point me in the right direction?! M:SA S1E1. Tags: m:sa s1e1. I came across your site while looking for eng subs for the show and saw that you're doing the translation and are currently writing the srt for episode 1 by hand.

I was able to get the srt with all the timecodes written down, but in spanish, and I'm bringing it to you in case that helps.

I put it on my drive: drive. I really appreciate you sending this to us!! Edit: at least it would if my laptop would stop spazzing out. Tags: admin post poll update pao speaks i was waiting for it to not be tied. Merli: SA Episodes. Take this survey powered by surveymonkey. Create your own surveys for free.TV Schedule. Sign In. Sapere Aude —. Season: 1. Add Image S1, Ep1. Error: please try again. Poll starts to study philosophy to be the new Merli.

Bruno is still in love with. Pol makes new friends in the faculty. Add Image S1, Ep2. Pol and his father receive a gift postmortem from Merli: A book collection.

merli sapere aude subtitles

Pol cheers up a friend. Pol's friendship with Rai leads to a discovery. Add Image S1, Ep3. The group of the faculty makes a party in Minerva's' home where things are about to get messy.

merli sapere aude subtitles

Add Image S1, Ep4. Pol and Rai go to class and this will bring some feuds between his others classmates. Bruno is mad with Pol for being distant.

Add Image S1, Ep5. The group of the faculty makes a party in Minerva's house which brings problems between Bruno and Pol. Add Image S1, Ep6.

Merli: Sapere Aude Links

Pol and his dad have a discussion. Rai's family is having an economic crisis. Add Image S1, Ep7. Rai's mother discover a secret from Rai, and Minerva tells Poll her family problems.We hear you loud and clear.

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Merli sapere aude subtitles

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